Academic Anaesthetic News



January 2016:

Appointed two NIHR ACFs at core trainee level in Anaesthesia, starting in August 2016.


December 2015:

Hannah Gill - Awarded £35k by the Derek Telling Trust to enable a clinical study of Xenon as an anaesthetic againt in children.


July 2015:

Hannah Gill (Lecturer) – Awarded starter grant for Clinical Lecturers from Academy of Medical Sciences (£28k) to study Xenon neuroprotection.

Martin Lewis (ACF) - Awarded Research Training Fellowship (£226k) by Medical Research Council for PhD studies in neonatal cardioprotection.

Hugh Sims-Williams (EBI clinical primer) awarded best paper prize by the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (€5000) for his PET studies of opioid release in patients having DBS for pain.


April 2015:

Agnieszka Skorko – Appointed to our first ACF position in Critical Care.  Welcome to the South West Aggie!

Katrina Hope (ACF) awarded £37.7k from David Telling Trust to fund the purchase of a cardiopulmonary exercise testing cart to support her studies into the role of the carotid body in hypertension.

Anna Simpson (OOPE PhD studies) Awarded best research poster at University of Bristol festival of postgraduate research.

Ben Gibbison first author paper in Critical Care Medicine (PMID 25517478)


March 2015:

Hannah Gill appointed to NIHR Clinical Lecturers position in region.  Research interests in neonatal anaesthesia.


February 2015:

Hannah Gill successful defence of PhD thesis – well done Dr Gill!


December 2014:

Hannah Gill (Research Fellow in Neonatal Neuroprotection) first author paper in Anesthesiology (PMID: 25187998)


November 2014:

Ben Gibbison appointed Consultant in Cardiac Anaesthesia at Bristol Heart Institute.


May 2014

Ben Gibbison (Research Fellow in Cardiac Anaesthesia) awarded MD for studies of HPA axis and cardiac surgical stress. 


Jan 2014

Katrina Hope (ACF) first author paper in Microvascular research (PMID: 24280630)


December 2013

Anna Simpson (ACF) Awarded a Research training Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust to study the role of CRH neurones in autonomic compensation for hypoglycaemia in diabetes.


July 2013

Martin Lewis (ACF) awarded  £18k by the APAGBI and BJA/RCoA fund to support his studies of cardioprotection in neonates.