Accessing the e-Portfolio

ALL Anaesthesia trainees should register with the college for the e-portfolio when appointed to a post within the School.  Please download the registration form from the Royal College of Anaesthetists website.

To access the Royal College of Anaesthesia e-portfolio please use the quick link below and remember to have your College Reference number -

Quick link to eportfolio

Guidance on using the eportfolio

The E-portfolio: Getting through the ARCP.  This powerpoint gives a basic guide to what information trainees should be adding to their portfolio during the year.  there is a brief reminder on keeping track of Work Place Based Assessments and a summary of the Completion of Unit of Training (CUT) forms and Interim reports.  It also summarizes how to create and complete an ESSR at the of the year.

  • E-portfolio Tips  is a comprehensive guide for trainees and educational supervisors written by Dr Annabel Pearson, previously - lead trainee e-portfolio champion
  • Brief Guide to Final meeting Sign-off for Core Trainees (Jul 13) (written by Kieran Oglesby, Core trainee, July 2013) may be useful for Core Trainees and their educational supervisors before their final sign-off meeting prior to the Anaesthesia CT2/CT2b ARCP.

These documents can be regularly updated if necessary.  If you have any suggestions for improvement please contact either Julie Flowers or the original authors.

If you have any further queries please direct these to Julie Flowers, Manager Severn Postgraduate School of Anaesthesia & ICM, Gen O'Farrell or Tom Woodward (lead LLP champions) or Ted Rees (Head of School).

The e-Portfolio & the ARCP

All of the evidence  trainees need to submit in advance for their ARCP is to be on their e-portfolio and assigned to that ARCP record no later than EIGHT days prior to the ARCP date.

The ARCP record is locked eight days before the ARCP and no further items can be added to it thereafter.

The ARCP panel reviews this ARCP record in the days leading up to the ARCP date and the trainee is informed of the outcome on the day of the ARCP.

For full details of the ARCP requirements for each stage of training see the Assessment page and follow the appropriate link.