Notes on Dual Anaesthesia-ICM ARCP requirements

  • Dual Anaesthesia-ICM ARCPs are held simultaneously with a single panel
  •  Each eportfolio should reflect every year of training when viewed independently
  • These notes are designed to minimise duplication for trainees
  • Use these notes in combination with separate Anaesthesia & ICM ARCP requirements
  •  Every year of training (regarless of modules undertaken) should be fully represented on the FICM eportfolio FICM Portfolio
  • Ensure you add all posts (including Anaesthesia) every year to show complete programme  This is essential to create an ARCP Form
  • Competencies can be completed at any time/during any post
  • Ensure ESSR/MSF is shown on FICM eportfolio for ARCP
  • Ensure  top 30 cases are completed for stage of training.  By the end of stage 1 – 10 ‘top 30 cases’ must be complete, end of stage II – 20 ‘top 30 cases’ must be complete (and at least 25 by CCT).When stage complete (which may not coincide with ARCP) contact TPD/RA to get sign off and open next stage on eportfolio
  • Ideally your Educational Supervisor has access to both eportfolios to minimize duplication


Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report

Complete Anaesthesia e-portfolio ESSR AND
Complete ICM e-portfolio ESSR 

Anaesthesia Unit of Training sign offs


Completed Anaesthesia Units of Training should be signed off on the Anaesthesia e-portfolio, but evidence (eg WPBAs) can come from either portfolio

Workplace based assessments

WPBA can be done on either portfolio - you can upload a copy and cross reference on the other portfolio.


Multi-Source Feedback

 At least one MSF per year - ensure copy on both portfolios

Logbook Summary

Anaesthesia logbook to Anaesthesia eportfolio
ICM logbook to ICM eportfolio

Both up-to-date logbooks should be uploaded to respective eportfolios even if all the year has been spent in one specialty or the other

Curriculum Vitae

Certificates (training & attendance)

Other relevant portfolio evidence (audit, teaching, projects, management, etc)

Upload  CV, QI projects, etc to both eportfolios in ICM eportfolio in the ‘personal library’

Certificates and Exams to be updated both eportfolios (ICM under certificate and exams)

Probity and Health

Complete declarations on Anaesthesia e-portfolio and upload to ICM e-Portfolio

This page was last updated July 2018