School of Anaesthesia & ICM, School of ACCS Induction

Category: Training - Other

Date: August 9th 2018 4:30pm until 6:30pm

Location: Severn PGME HQ, Vantage Office Park, Hambrook, Bristol BS16 1GW

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4.00 pm                                Arrive - Tea, Coffee & Biscuits


4.30 pm                                School Introductions                           School Faculty


                                            School of ACCS                                   Blackwell & Cabot Room

                                            School of Anaesthesia & ICM                Brunel Room


5.15 pm                                RCoA LLP Introduction -                       Gen O’Farrell, LLP Trainee Lead,

                                            for Core Anaesthesia, ST3                    Blackwell Room

                                            & ACCS (Anaesthesia)


5.15 pm                                ICM                                                    Jenner Room

                                            ACCS (EM)                                          Jubilee Room

                                            ACCS (AM)                                          Burke Room


5.45 pm                                Core Anaesthesia &                             Campbell Room

                                            ACCS Anaesthesia                          


                                            ST3 in Anaesthesia                              Blackwell Room




FINISH 6.15 PM (approx.) followed by drinks at Winter Stream Farm Pub