For the award of a CCT you must complete the GMC approved anaesthetics programme in its entirety.  See 2010 curriculum or 2021 curriculum on the college website.

The purpose of the Training Record Books is to provide an easily accessible checklist for each stage of the curriculum - basic, intermediate, higher & advanced - and to record progress.  They are designed to complement and be used with the RCOA e-portfolio.  They are for the benefit of trainees and trainers.

For each clinical and non-clinical unit the record books describe:

  • learning objectives
  • core learning outcomes
  • requirements for completion of the unit
  • knowledge and skills

The summary pages provide an easy way to view overall progress.

Elements of the curriculum described as the 'Professionalism of medical practice' are developed over the entire seven years of training and do not relate specifically to one stage: professional attitudes, clinical practice, team working, leadership, innovation, management, education, safety in clinical practice, medical ethics and confidentiality, relationships with patients, legal framework for practice, information technology.  These are covered in the Training Record Books only in the Advanced section. 


CT Years 1 and 2

The Core Training Record Book (orange).

ST Years 3 and 4

Intermediate Training Record Book (blue).  Information and instructions are available in the book.  If you require a paper copy of this book please email Julie Flowers.

ST Years 5, 6 and 7

Higher and Advanced Training Record Book (green) 

Higher and Advanced Supplement (from which additional pages can be printed as necessary).

Please read instructions on the first few pages carefully.

Julie Flowers will provide you with a paper copy of the relevant book at the start of CT1, ST3 and ST5 respectively.

Optional additional ICM competencies for trainees undertaking or contemplating Dual Anaesthetics-ICM programme or wishing to demonstrate broader competence - refer to Annex F (RCoA) or FICM guidance.