These items must be on your e-portfolio & assigned to your ARCP before the deadline date (EIGHT days before the ARCP):

Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report

One per year, completed shortly before ARCP (ESSR)

Guidance for educational supervisor (or College Tutor) in writing comments (at the bottom of the ESSR):
A good ES or CT report might typically be 8-12 lines long

  • Pen portrait of trainee - strengths & areas for improvement
  • Comment on evidence submitted for ARCP - completeness, quality, timeliness
  • Clinical & nonclinical progress
  • Comment on MSF
  • Summary of achievements
  • Comment on PDP - eg, int/higher/adv modules, exam, projects, OOP, career plans, etc

Interim Progress Report

Complete as and when required, especially if rotating in the middle of a training year (IPR)

Units of Training

End of ST3 – all Intermediate units completed must be signed off in e-portfolio

End of ST4 – all Intermediate units must be signed off in e-portfolio

Summary of Completed INTERMEDIATE Units page (from Training Record Book)

Add to ‘Personal Library’ – as .PDF or .JPG (e.g. scanned or photo via smartphone)


Evidence of Final FRCA pass

Multi-Source Feedback

One per year using e-portfolio; NB takes approx 6 weeks

Curriculum Vitae

To be kept up to date – stored in ‘My Details’, preferably as .PDF

Logbook Summary

Add to 'Personal Library', preferably as .PDF; summary page of this year's and total case numbers, broken down by specialty

Certificates (training and attendance)

Add to ‘Personal Library’, preferably as .PDF

Other relevant portfolio evidence

Add to ‘Personal Activities’; if appropriate, ensure that a personal reflection is added to each entry

Probity and Health

Declarations to be made once a year – use forms on e-portfolio

Send hard copy (or email scanned .PDF copy) prior to ARCP to Julie Flowers, School Manager by deadline date:

 Form R – completed

 This will be sent to you for completion prior to your ARCP

Bring hard copy to the ARCP:

Anaesthesia ST3-4 training record (‘blue book’)