These items must be on your ICM e-portfolio & LLP before the deadline date (one week before the ARCP):

Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report

One per year; completed shortly before ARCP (ESSR)


Curriculum competencies

Stage 3 competencies must be complete and approved by Educational Supervisor before the the end of Stage 3.  Use eportfolio.

Progress towards completion of stage will be assessed at ARCP.

Sufficient workplace based assessments need to be completed to demonstrate maintenance / progression of competence and link to the curriculum competencies

Logbook ICM procedures

Logbook report of all practical procedures for each year of training

Logbook ICM cases
including 'Top 30' cases


Logbook report for each year of training.  

At least 25 of 'Top 30' cases to be covered by the end of Stage 3 utilising WPBAs, with a least 2 from each of paeds, neuro and cardiac modules.

Logbook airway skills

Minimum 15 intubations per year: evidence of progression/maintenance of competence. (create separate folder in ‘personal library’)

Expanded case summaries

Total of 10 case summaries completed and marked before the end of Stage 3.  Upload mark sheets to portfolio. 

Multi-Source Feedback

One per year using e-portfolio (ICM or partner  specialty)


Curriculum Vitae

To be kept up to date; upload as .PDF in ‘personal folder’

Certificates (training and attendance)

Evidence of post fellowship study days attended

Other relevant portfolio evidence

At least one audit/QI project by end of Stage 3
At least one formal teaching per year; include feedback


At least one journal club presentation per year
At least 4 M&M meetings attended/year (with reflection from at least 1)

Probity and Health

Declarations to be made once a year – use forms on e-portfolio (can upload from anaesthetic eportfolio).


Form R – completed This will be sent to you for completion prior to your ARCP, please add to ICM eportfolio & LLP


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