Peninsula and Severn have developed a mentoring programme, which can be a useful resource for trainees to access both before, during and after their return to the workplace.


What is mentoring? 


An experienced, highly regarded, empathic person (the mentor) guides another individual (the mentee) in the development and re-examination of their own ideas, learning, personal and professional developments.  This is achieved by listening and talking in confidence
Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education – 1996

As stated above, mentoring is a confidential process and is a chance for trainees returning to work to chat through their questions and concerns and to make all aspects of their return to work as smooth as possible.

Mentors are fellow trainees, who are at ST5 level or above and have completed training in the mentoring process. In order for mentees to feel as comfortable as possible, mentees will not necessarily be matched with trainees from their trust or their speciality.

SuppoRTT Champions will co-ordinate local mentoring within their organisation. However, training will be provided for those trainees volunteering as mentors by HEE. This is organised by Lynn Hodgson-Watts at the Severn HEE office.

For more information about receiving mentoring via the SuppoRTT mentoring process, please contact your local SuppoRTT Champion.