Final FRCA Teaching Programme

Category: Training - Final FRCA Teaching Days

Date: May 23rd 2019 9:00am until 4:30pm

Location: Anaesthetic Library Level 7 - A704 BRI, Upper Maudlin St, Bristol BS2 8HW

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Date: THURSDAY 23rd MAY 2019

Venue: Anaesthetic Library
Level 7 BRI – A704

Access via main lifts in Queens Building

Aim is to cover topics that are applicable both to cardiothoracic and non-cardiac surgery


AM Neil Rasburn/ Molyneux Matt

09.15-12.30 Anaesthesia for Thoracic surgery

PM Ian Ryder

13.30- 16.30 Cardiac Physiology

• Ventricular structure and normal physiology

• Starling Curves and Pressure-Volume loops

• Heart Failure: pathophysiology and treatment

• Haemodynamic monitoring


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