Posted January 28th 2021 (4 months ago)

Advice for Pregnant Trainees

Congratulations you are pregnant! However sorting our maternity leave arrangements can be a daunting prospect. It is hard to know where to start finding the information you need and there is much more to think about that you would expect.

The guide gives you some advice and information on how to manage your maternity leave as a trainee.


Who do I need to tell?

Officially you are obliged to inform your employer of your intention to take maternity leave by the end of the 25th week of pregnancy. However, the laws that protect you in pregnancy only apply once your employer knows.

Practically is it advisable to inform your employer prior to this date but who you decide to inform and when is an individual decision.

- Departmental Manager: the manager should then arrange for a Health and Safety Risk Assessment to take place (on HR webpage). If any staff member is unable to carry out all or part of their duties whilst pregnant (due to risk to their or unborn child’s health) alternative work is arranged with no loss of pay.

- Training Programme Director – advise your TPD about intentions for maternity leave as it may directly affect where you are going to rotate over the next few months. You may also want to work LTFT on your return.

- Educational Supervisor – before you start maternity leave you must have a “Pre-Absence Meeting” (needs to be sent to College Tutor and Programme Director) to discuss keeping up to date, KIT days and any other concerns.

- HR – obtain maternity guidance information for your Trust early in pregnancy (via Trust website)

Full information: 

- NHS Health at Work: Shift Work & Manual Handling in Pregnancy

Dr C Abeysekera, ST4 Anaesthetics Severn Deanery, Dr Christina Laxton, Consultant Anaesthetist North Bristol Trust, December 2020