Detailed below are some of the excellent opportunities that exist for anaesthetic trainees to gain experience of teaching on a variety of local courses and schemes.

Transport of the Critically Ill

This dynamic course equips trainees with the confidence and knowledge to prepare and transfer a patient in a variety of situations both within the hospital and between hospitals. Faculty members gain experience in a variety of teaching strategies including lectures, workshops, tutorials and simulators.

For further information please visit the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre or contact Dr Karine Zander (Southmead Hospital).

Severn Airway Training Society

The Severn Airway Training Society was established by anaesthetic trainees to improve airway skills training in the form of the hugely successful DART (Difficult Airway Rescue Techniques) and AFOI (Awake Fibreoptic Intubation) courses.

Further Information visit the Severn Airway Training Society.

Foundation Training Programme

This popular course aims to address the shortfall in training opportunities and to improve skills and confidence in a variety of clinical skills. Faculty members gain experience of using simulation to teach foundation trainees practical procedures such as central line insertion, basic airway skills etc.

For further information contact Dr Chris Bordeaux.

Back to School Scheme

This novel and exciting venture, organised by anaesthetic trainees, involves various healthcare professionals visiting local secondary schools. This interactive scheme encourages 11-18 yr olds to appreciate how principles learned in the science classroom are important in the hospital workplace. In addition the scheme assists the University Hospital Bristol and North Bristol Trust’s aim to engage the local community and promote jobs in healthcare as possible career opportunities for aspiring schoolchildren.

Further Information contact Dr Jeannine Stone or Ben Greatorex.


MEPA is a national course for anaesthetic STs during their paediatric module, teaching management strategies for paediatric anaesthetic emergencies. This one day simulation course offers both practical and theoretical training using high fidelity simulation.

For further information visit Managing Emergencies in Paediatric Anaesthesia (MEPA) or contact Judith Nolan.