Aims and Objectives

  • Practice at answering SAQs under exam simulated conditions
  • Opportunity to learn about and try different approaches and techniques to answering SAQs
  • Opportunity to mark papers by contemporise, giving you a chance to learn more about presentation and ease of reading an answer.
  • Access to a bank of continually evolving questions, based upon up to date published articles and guidelines.
  • Write your own SAQs to see how they are constructed.
  • Anonymous environment. Whatever is written or said in the exam room does not get discussed with anyone else. Aim to create an environment where you can ask any question no matter how basic and anything you write will not be talked about outside of the group.

Outline of Course

Over the 2 months before the exam the group meets each week. The course begins with 4 question SAQs, building up to 8 and finally a 12 question mock paper. There will be input at various stages by consultants in the form of talks and SAQ papers.


Please email for further details

Candidates Contribution

In return for running the course we ask two things;

  • Completion of feedback forms (we need to prove we are making a difference).
  • Write an SAQ. We will allocate a topic (usually from a recent CME article) for you to construct a question and perfect answer. These will be used by us predominately for future papers and courses. This does also help you to appreciate how an SAQ is designed and how you can obtain marks.

The alternative to these is to pay a course fee, currently £50.

Courses will be run by colleagues who have recently passed the FRCA which will ensure the course is relevant and up to date.


Bristol V

Bristol V is normally held in May. We will inform people of additional dates once these are confirmed.  The session will be two 23 minutes vivas on basic sciences with 3 questions in each viva. One person in each pair will be the examiner and one person being the candidate and then swopping roles for the second viva. (the actual exam being 30 minutes with 4 questions)

ie first viva 23 minutes
10 minutes for feedback and indrawing of breath
swopping roles and a second viva lasting 23 minutes

You will need to chose and prepare the 3 questions before hand to ensure the session is of adequate quality. Please ensure theres enough depth to cover the 7.5 minutes each question is meant to last.  For basic sciences questions should relate to physics, physiology, anatomy and pharmacology.  Sources of inspiration: the exam books, previous exam questions from the FRCA website, any info you may have already.