ICM ARCP requirements 2020


Prior to your next ARCP please ensure that you have uploaded on the ICM eportfolio.

  1. your posts accurately
  2. exams dates and any absences
  3. an up to date ESSR
  4. annual MSF
  5. updated your competencies and top 30 cases
  6. ICM logbook
  7. Current CV
  8. WPBAs
  9. Evidence of teaching/presentations (loaded in personal library or professional activities preferably with feedback)
  10. Evidence of attendance of M&M’s – 4/year with evidence of reflection from 1 each year (loaded in Personal library or professional activities)
  11. Journal club – presentation each year of training (loaded in personal library or professional activities
  12. Airway skills – especially documented for non-anaesthetic trainees (personal library)
  13. QI project
  14. Reflective practice evidence


For dual trainees – we need a separate ESSR in each eportfolio and the evidence of all your hard work needs to be reflected on both eportfolio’s – even if you have not done any recent ICM attachments (eg doing their partner specialty attachments).

Each year for training counts towards both ICM and partner CCT so must be properly accounted for. 

The ‘shut down’ date for this year’s ARCP is 25th June 2020.




This page was last updated May 2020