These three excel spreadsheets (one for Stage 1 , Stage 2 and Stage 3) are designed to be a supplementary resource to the curriculum laid out within the LLP and on the RCOA website, aiming to draw together that stage of the curriculum into one excel document.

They replace the old Bristol School workbooks of the old curriculum


  1. Easy quick reference to Stage of training requirements in each HALO
  2. Allow trainees to quickly identify capabilities under each domain and target gaps

For quick reference each document contains worksheet tabs for:

  • GRID for ALL key capabilities for each HALO under 6 General Professional Domains
  • GRID for ALL key capabilities for each HALO under 6 SPECIALTY specific domains
  • The practical procedures and level of supervision expected
  • Gap analysis document where that is being used.

Additional tabs are available to demonstrate ‘where the evidence is’ for each HALO – these are particularly relevant for bringing together evidence for Stage 1 and Stage 2 top up and trainees who need to demonstrate top up training are encouraged to use them.

The gap analysis document should be the first ‘go to’ reference as to what needs to be covered over and above the old curriculum for top up training.

The additional ‘where is my evidence’ tabs helps the trainee to identify to their ES where the existing evidence for that capability is located within their LLP and / or additional suggestions to demonstrate that evidence if necessary. Likewise, it assists the ES in their assessment of satisfactory top up completion.

In particular, ‘evidence’ for the generic professional capabilities are required – the CV, MSF, previous ‘projects’ uploaded as personal activities are examples where evidence can often be drawn from..

Trainees who do not need to evidence top up training may find these additional tabs helpful to self-direct what they have completed, where that is within their LLP (e.g within a SLE etc) and where gaps remain during their progression through that stage; completion of these worksheets are not mandatory but designed to help support the trainee if useful.


January 2022