Society of Anaesthetists of the South West Region

SASWR - Who are we?

SASWR is the South West’s regional society of anaesthetists for both trainees and consultants. We span the two South West anaesthesia school regions, Bristol and Peninsular. The aims specifically for trainees are education, in the forms of our twice yearly scientific based meetings and the peer reviewed journal “Anaesthesia Points West”, the chance to apply for SASWR’s prizes and bursaries, and of course social.

Advantages of membership for trainees:

There are a number of reasons to be a member not least the chance to socialise with other trainees but also with the consultants who you have heard of, and never put a name to the face, or to meet consultants you know previously in a clinical setting only. There are currently over 550 members, of whom 150 are trainees.

The Autumn SASWR Scientific Meeting normally takes place in November.

‘Anaesthesia Points West’ Journal

Submit your research or project paper for publication in the Society’s own highly acclaimed twice yearly journal.

Cost of membership - a mere £20 annual fee for trainees.

For more information see the website.